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New WA Medicare Supplemental / MediGap carrier offers Silver & Fit benefits to seniors

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A new carrier has entered the WA market to provide Medicare Supplemental aka Medigap policies. What’s particularly great about this carrier is it offers a Silver & Fit policy. Some folks call that Silver Sneakers, just FYI.

But what exactly is Silver & Fit?

A lot of folks refer to it as a gym membership or a gym discount, but it is actually WAY MORE than that. Here’s what the Silver & Fit includes:

  1. Garmin Wearable Fitness Tracker

  2. Fitbit Wearable Fitness Tracker

  3. Beginner Yoga Mat and Towel

  4. Intermediate Yoga Strap and Blocks

  5. Pilates Ball and Towel

  6. Beginner Swimming Goggles and Kickboard

  7. Advanced Swimming Aquatic Resistance Gloves and Pull Float

  8. Beginner Dumbbells, Extra Light Band and Light Band

  9. Intermediate Dumbbells, Light Band and Medium Band

  10. Advanced Dumbbells, Medium Band and Heavy Band


As you can see the options for home workouts are pretty comprehensive. Are you a walker? Try one of the fitness trackers. For your home gym, maybe the dumbbell sets. For at-home physical fitness you can also get digital exercise plans with 8,000+ On-Demand workout videos including 2,500+ workouts designed specifically for baby boomers and older adults.

There’s also healthy aging coaching, rewards and social clubs. Are you into yoga? Fancy a swim or some strength training? Get discounts at many studios and gyms. The plan boasts 19,500+ fitness membership choices. This includes lower priced fitness centers, YMCAs, senior centers, sessions for yoga and Pilates, and more at a very low fee. For the higher priced fitness centers such as rock climbing gyms, rowing centers and personized training you still receive substantial discounts.

I can see why the Silver & Fit is thought of as a free gym membership, but don’t let your workouts stop at the gym. The savings sure don’t!

See me at any time of the year to change your Medicare Supplemental or MediGap policies. Discounts for married couples apply.

Take care!

Call if you have questions

Yvette Davis at 509-264-1138

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